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Shiver Security Systems, Inc. is among an elite group of companies certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) as a National Industrial Security Systems provider, (UL 2050)

monitoringTo date, only a select number of companies have demonstrated the skills and infrastructure needed to satisfy the standard requirements. The UL 2050 listing confirms that Shiver Security Systems, Inc.  has met the stringent requirements for the protection of classified materials as certified by UL.

When evaluating security companies, UL only certifies those that are staffed with highly skilled employees who have gone through extensive training, have appropriate backup procedures in place and follow UL-specific processes. Because of the high level of quality assurance and system reliability found in alarm systems with the UL certification, the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) recognizes the importance of UL certification. To maintain the highest level of security that is required at DOD protected property, alarm systems will be installed, serviced, maintained and monitored in accordance with nationally recognized UL standards.

Benefits of our Central Station
» Central Station monitoring 24/7
» Latest technology from our UL 2050 Listed Central Monitoring Station
» A comprehensive knowledge of local codes and authorities
» Real-time verification of alarm events for unrivaled credibility with local law enforcement
» Redundant Systems with back-up power and communications
» Central Station managed Access Control
» Exceptional customer service
» Local expertise and resources
» Four decades experience providing commercial security to local companies in SW Ohio and Northern Kentucky
» A portfolio of more than 6,000 satisfied customers

With over 100 years of combined experience with our central station personnel we have provided our clients with peace of mind, prevent loss, and actually assisted local Police Departments in apprehending criminals.

“Shiver Security Systems, Inc. can look after your business when you can’t.”

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