Protecting your home or business is extremely important. The most important people in your life are inside, not to mention the valuable material and information you have collected over the years. Because of this, you’ve probably invested in some sort of alarm system to ensure the utmost protection of everyone and thing inside. However, these sorts of security systems are not always as helpful as we may think. Although the equipment can monitor the security of the building, you really do not have much control over it while away when you need it the most. This means, should the security system run into a problem, you’re not going to know about it and adjust the system until it’s too late. Due to this, having a Integrated Security System is an exceptional upgrade. Before you decide to go with a Integrated Security System though, you need to know all of the perks and advantages of upgrading to the system.


Control Anywhere

If you want to check in on the Cincinnati home security systems of your home, you can do it from anywhere at anytime with the help of your smartphone. Simply launch the app on your mobile device and you can see exactly what is going on with your home and the current settings that are active. You can even initiate the smart system security from the road, in case you forgot to do so before leaving. This of course also removes the obnoxious task of having to return home to make sure you armed the system.

Disable Security Functions Temporarily

There are going to be times where someone might forget the security code to enter the home. Perhaps you have a child who arrives home from school before everyone else and, for whatever reason, is unable to remember the code. Instead of waiting outside or at a friends house until you are back, you can simply disable the security functions temporarily so your child can enter, then reactivate them once your child is inside.

Internet Connection

Your other system connected to local first response locations through the aid of a telephone line. The new option does so through an Internet connection, which is faster and more reliable than the previously available offering.


With the Integrated Security Systembased system, you are able to monitor changes in the security system from anywhere. This way, you can adjust how the security system works in order to improve total security for your home.

Similar Cost

While the Integrated Security System service is much more technologically advanced, and offers many more features, it is important to note the cost is essentially the same.

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