The smart system security industry, like so many others, is rapidly adapting and evolving to exciting new advances of technology that will make property owners feel more secure than ever. Just 150 years ago, the first patent was issued to Augustus Pope for his initial electromagnetic burglar alarms. And now, groundbreaking new concepts in wireless and automatic technology are offering the next huge change; giving us an insight into future of security systems.  Older, hard-wired alarms that base many of their designs off of Pope’s initial concepts, are now being replaced by next-generation, high-tech wireless systems. Such systems offer superior advantages such as being portable, flexible, easier to install, and are easily scalable depending on the size and needs of your property.
The Future of Security Systems Includes Home Automation
Today, when the words “security system” are uttered, most people immediately picture loud sirens and bulky keypads. But, in the future, those ideas will become radically different thanks to best home automation system and integrations with technology.
The world is becoming increasingly digitized, with homes and businesses containing a myriad of internet and bluetooth-connected devices, such as smart phones, tablets, and new 3D televisions. These devices better communication and enhance connectivity to nearly everything one can imagine. In the future, all of these devices will be combined to create a “smart home”.
Consider the following things that will come with building automation: 


    • Ability to remotely arm and disarm a security system using a mobile-connected computer, smartphone, or similar device.
    • Ability to remotely adjust and monitor your thermostat and its temperature controls.
    • Ability to remotely adjust and monitor your property’s lightning and window coverings.
    • Ability to access live surveillance video of your property on any Internet-accessible device.
    • Utilize electronic devices and appliances that will operate according to automatic programmed schedules.



The best part of all of this, is that as the number of these new automated home security Dayton increase in the marketplace, the lower the costs will come down. While live video monitoring from a remote location might have once seemed to be accessible only by the biggest of corporations, it is is now becoming a security possibility available to everyone. From the corner store owner in a crime-filled area, to the fashion designer located in a high-end district, to new homeowners shopping for their very first security system for a new residence.
Crime is a problem for anyone who owns and operates a physical storefront and has a home containing their belongings. Don’t let yourself become a victim when so many cost-effective solutions exist.  To learn more, contact us at Shiver Security.

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