So you move into a new place, and all the sudden you find yourself with someone else’s home security system. Will it be safe for you to use? Do the last homeowners still have access? Will it work for your security needs? Can it be updated? Here are answers to questions our customers commonly ask when they take over home security systems.

How do we get it working?
Chances are, when you move in, the phone line is not active. Since most surveillance systems work through a phone line, that means the security system is not being monitored. To get it back on, you need your phone line re-activated and then you need to contact a home security Cincinnati Ohio so they start an account with you and begin monitoring.

What if we don’t plan to have a phone line?
Most existing home security systems can be converted to cellular wireless home security monitoring! This kind of technology works like your cell phone (but is not connected in any way to your cell phone service). Contact home security companies near you to find one that can make the conversion for you.

Should we use the home security company that installed the system?
In most cases you don’t have to. If you like the company, great! Use them! But we recommend you talk to several so you can compare customer services experiences, prices and the plans they recommend for your particular surveillance system. Here’s more on how to choose a home security company.

What if the surveillance system needs updating?
Once you talk to home security companies and find the one you like, ask them to come and tell you about your updating options. If the system is wired through your home, chances are they can use the existing wiring and replace the motherboard with a new piece of updated equipment.

In most cases, you can also have at home security camera added or smart home alarm system features, like lights you can control remotely from your phone. You can also have fire alarm system, carbon monoxide detector and more.

What if we have pets?
You may need to have the settings on your surveillance system adjusted to allow for pets, especially if the previous owner didn’t have one.
How do we have the passcode changed?
If the past owners left the manual, you may be able to read the instructions and change it yourself. But, the home security company you choose to work with can help you make that change quickly and easily. Make sure not to choose an easy-to-guess number, like your phone number or street address.

Also, make sure to change the garage door keypad code, if you have one. And it’s really best to change the locks on all the doors. Even if you know and trust the previous owners, you never know who they passed out copies of their keys to through the years. Home security companies that really care will give you tips like this and more at their walk through of your new home.

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