Home security systems have come a long way, from a family guard dog and shotgun back in the old days to cellular wireless home security and affordable video monitoring technology. So where is it headed tomorrow?


Chip Shiver and our whole team are dedicated to improving surveillance system technology every chance we get. That’s because our goal is to provide the most intelligent, effective, home security systems possible. We work hard to study the industry and stay ahead of the curve. What do our customers want? What are new customers looking for? What new technologies are manufacturers developing? What are our competitors doing? Here is what we see as the major upcoming trends in Cincinnati home security systems.

  1. Video monitoring. Hidden video camera are evolving faster than any other part of the industry. The quality of the images is going up, while the cost of home security cameras is going down. With smart technology, we now have the ability to help our customers monitor remotely via their smart devices, like their iPhone, Android, iPad and more. Now, our customers can watch their nanny, dog or teen from their computer at work!
  2. Smart homes. Our customers want to be able to control their home environment remotely using their phones and computers. Here are a few of the remote capabilities customers are looking for today:
    • Locking and unlocking doors.
    • Controlling lights.
    • Controlling temperature settings.

    The possibilities for a smart home installation are endless, and the technology to make smart homes accessible is finally almost here. Ask Shiver about the possibilities of smart technology in your home to learn more.

  3. Cutting down on false alarms. Now that so many families have home security systems, there are more false alarms than ever – even though the technology is better than it was years ago. Unfortunately, it’s creating issues for our local police departments. How does that affect customers? There’s a “boy who cried wolf” problem happening. The real emergencies are more likely to get lost in all the chaos of everyday nuisance alarms.Shiver is really focused on developing a more verified approach in home alarm monitoring. In our commercial security, sound systems and video monitoring help us hear and see inside the building to know what’s going on. But when it comes to home security systems, how do we provide verified alarm monitoring while ensuring our customers’ personal privacy at the same time?
  4. Centralized alarm monitoring. Here’s one trend Shiver won’t be following. Many large security companies are downsizing by eliminating their local monitoring stations and regionalizing their alarm monitoring services. That means that if there’s an emergency in your home, the responder may be all the way in California.Shiver believes that local monitoring of home security systems is the right way. Our Dayton alarm monitoring station is up to date at all times on the current weather and emergency situations in your community. It provides our customers with the peace of mind that their families and property are more effectively protected.

No matter what the future of home security systems may be, you can rest assured that your family is protected by best the latest state of the art equipment – and the best local service available.

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