There’s so much change with a new home, right? It kind of makes your head spin – in a good way. Exciting new possibilities, more space here and there, lots of new and improved things! As you get settled in, you may be wondering, should a home security system be one of those upgrades?

If most of these statements sound like you, a home security system may be a great idea for you and your family.

  • You’re not too familiar with the new neighborhood. Moving in from out of town or to a part of the city you’ve never lived in before? Many areas can be patchy, especially in the urban core. You may live in a great neighborhood, but what’s it like 3 streets over?
  • The house is very private. The more remote your home, the more you need a surveillance system.
  • You’ve got lots of windows. The more windows, the more visibility into your home. Have a large TV you can see from the front window? Without protection, it may be inviting trouble. You never know who’s doing some “window shopping.”
  • You don’t know your new neighbors yet. Are they elderly? Do they keep to themselves? Are they young and active? Inviting? If they seem to be involved with others and watchful of the neighborhood, awesome! If they keep a low profile, it may be nice to have a home security system as your own neighborhood watch.
  • New home, new additions to the family. Whether you’re growing your space because you’re growing your family, or you’re downsizing to an empty nest with a furry new family member, a Cincinnati home security can really help make the transition.

Video monitoring is great for keeping an eye on babies and their nannies, or even mischievous puppies. And the added peace of mind that you can simply press a button for 9-1-1 response is certainly something to consider!

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