Shiver was ready for an expansion and it’s finally complete! Our brand new state-state-of-the-art, 13,000-square-feet central monitoring station opened in Springboro, Ohio in late June.

After a year and a half of planning, we’ve opened our doors and operations have officially switched over (with zero interruptions in monitoring!) to the new facility. Our new building boasts a large, open, centralized floor plan where everyone – from service dispatchers to data entry specialists and managers are all together in one space.

While everyone is now together for better communication, each employee has more much-deserved personal space to sprawl out at their own workstation. And everyone gets to enjoy being surrounded by a beautiful campus.

“Environment is important when our operators are here 24/7/365,” points out, Residential Sales & Marketing Manager, Alison Shiver. The new location provides enough space to quadruple Shiver operations.

The last time Shiver expanded was when they built their former facility in 1991. They operated there every day, night and holiday for almost 25 years. About the former station, owner Chip says, “We had simply outgrown the space, and the construction of the old building wasn’t allowing for all the technological updates we wanted to make.”

That’s why they chose to build a new, state-of-the-art station. The new location is built using the latest technological defenses against extreme weather or power outrages. It also has an enhanced ability to receive signals. They’ve even brought in fiber optics from two companies. If Time Warner goes out, no problem AT&T backs up communications.

“Our biggest challenge in the whole move was making sure we never interrupted alarm monitoring service,” says Chip. So Shiver managed to arrange for the their third shift for Sunday evening to end right on time at 6:59 the next morning. Then, the first shift operators started at the new station at exactly 7:00 am Monday morning, July 29th.

So what’s the difference to customers? “There is no difference in service to our customers,” says Chip proudly, “They can still expect the best quality alarm monitoring available. But now we have somewhere inviting where people can come and see the inner workings of the monitoring behind their home security Dayton Oh.” That’s a difference from national home security companies that makes Shiver proud.

For business clients, Shiver has included in their new facility a training room where they can host and train on commercial systems. They even plan to offer this space as a meeting place for the local business community for lunch and learns or organization chapter meetings. “It’s a great way for us to get to know our new business neighbors and support the local business community,” says Alison.

Want to experience the new alarm monitoring station for yourself and meet the people who make sure you’re safe? Shiver is hosting a Grand Opening Open House September 29, 11 am through 2 pm. Lunch is provided. The facility is open for tours. All vendors, clients and customers are welcome

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