Modern businesses face far more security challenges than they have in the past. How to prevent employee theft of inventory and cash used to be the most prominent security question for most small to mid-size businesses. Today, everything from mob violence and vandalism to theft of equipment poses risks to the financial well-being of a business.


Information Security

Most database systems where business owners store sensitive information have their own built in security that make them difficult to hack. What many fail to realize is that the threat to sensitive information isn’t solely internet or hacker based. With technological advances, computers have gotten smaller, many employees do business on the go, and much of the hardware used for data storage is highly portable as a result.

Laptops, tablets and smartphones have become essential tools of doing business in the modern age. These tools are vulnerable to theft, and often make a far easier target than cracking through a firewall to get to the information remotely. In addition to the cost of the technology itself, businesses can lose information other ways with the theft of their hardware.


    • Loss of proprietary information
    • Loss of financial information
    • Loss of customer confidence if their information is breached


    Every day it seems the news carries stories of teens or angry groups of people wreaking havoc in towns around the nation. It’s easy for business owners to believe that such a thing could never happen in their town. The businesses in Ferguson, New Orleans, Seattle and other cities didn’t believe it could happen to them either. It is essential for businesses to be aware of the potential for vandalism and violence in their area, and be prepared to protect their business and keep their employees safe.

    Often business owners think information security and vandalism are problems that only large businesses face. In most instances of violence and vandalism, and many instances of technology theft, the targets were small to mid-sized businesses. This is often because they lack the security of larger businesses.

    An integrated security system with remote access, CCTV, and 24 hour monitoring helps reduce the risks of these and other emerging threats to the security and financial stability of any business. These systems are scalable and can be tailored to meet the clients’ concerns and the budget, helping answer the question: How to prevent employee theft, along with meeting the new security threats.


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