Say it’s the middle of the night and your alarm sounds. What’s going on at the other end of your alarm system to make sure you’re ok? Here’s how our alarm monitoring station

Our Alarm Monitoring Station Hears Your Alarm
If your surveillance system is triggered to alarm, a signal comes to us instantly. At the other end of your system is a dedicated alarm monitoring station close to home, right here in southern Ohio. Find out why it’s beneficial to have an alarm monitoring station close to home.

In all the years our alarm monitoring station has been monitoring, we have never closed. Ever! We’re here nights, weekends and holidays. That’s what makes it possible to react instantly to any signal, at any time – like the one we’d get from your home the moment your alarm sounds.

We Call from the Alarm Monitoring Station
The only way we’ll know everything is ok, is to hear it directly from you. That’s why we have a password system in place. Only you know your password. Say it’s “cat.” We call and ask if all is ok. If you say yes, then we ask you for your password just to make sure. When you answer, you give us the word and we know all is fine.

If instead of saying “cat,” you say “dog,” or any other word, we know you’re signaling to us that you’re in trouble. We assume that an intruder is there with you, so we signal to the police to respond immediately. If you don’t answer at all, we automatically assume that you are under duress and call for a police dispatch to arrive at your home.

This password verification process really cuts down on false alarms – and the police heading to your home in the middle of the night!

How about fires? If you have fire protection services built in to your system, we contact your local fire department according to the codes set in your particular city.

Who’s There at the Alarm Monitoring Station?
So who is it that’s actually there at the alarm monitoring station making the calls? Our highly trained, highly capable staff is here at all times. Each responder has their own workstation with four monitors and a phone with several open lines. They know all the protocols for each situation because they completed a minimum of four months intensive training. They know that their job can be lifesaving. That’s why they’ve been highly trained.

And we know that your alarm monitoring station team needs to be dependable and trustworthy. That’s why we complete an extensive background check for every new hire. We have a knack for choosing great people. That’s why many of our responders have been with us for years and years, taking calls and making calls that keep our customers safe.

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