We Share an Incredible Amount of Personal Data

“Bond. James Bond.” That’s a name we all know even if we haven’t read the books or seen the movies.

James Bond is a fictional character created by novelist Ian Fleming. Bond is a secret agent working for MI6, British Secret Service.Does your name have the same recognition?

It does to identity thieves.

Like a good summer blockbuster an identity thief can rake in lots of bucks before you even know you’re credit card has been stolen.

But it’s not just your credit card at risk.

identity theft security siteThink about all the data just floating around in Theme Park World while you’re posting selfies and family fun.
Unless you secure that smartphone, tablet or computer like you secure your home, ID card or driver’s license, more often than not, sensitive information is just sitting there.

While you’re in public areas such as restaurants, pools, and bars you need to understand that identity theft is real.
Identity theft has drastically increased since smartphone were introduced to our lives. Don’t just blindly trust that your computer or smartphone. Mobile theft is one of the fastest growing types of identity theft.

There was one victim of identity theft every three seconds in the U.S. in 2012 according to Javeline Strategy & Research’s 2013 Identity Fraud Report.

Whether it’s email, instant messaging, surfing the web, visiting social media sites or even your kids playing online games with friends on their phones, we store and share an incredible amount of personal data on our mobile devices.

Identitytheftawareness.com shows some statistics that cell phone users must pay attention to if they want to protect their phones:

  • 14 percent of smartphones are stolen from a car or house that was burglarized.
  • Devices are more likely to disappear in the middle of the day.
  • Top places to have a phone stolen include restaurants (16%), bars or nightclub (11%), workplace (11%), public transportation (6%) and on the street (5%).
  • 10 percent of victims do not make any effort to find their phones because they don’t know where to start.

In spite of all the safeguards you put in place, hackers will always try to stay one step ahead of you and the available technology. Unfortunately, it’s not a matter of “if” but “when” your identity will be compromised. Just like you protect your home, car and other valuables you need to have a identity security for your mobile identity.

Many home security systems in Dayton Ohio are monitored using a smartphone. Be sure you notify your home security company if your smartphone is compromised.

You’re in control of your home. You should also be in control of your smartphone. There are mobile identity theft protection services.

James Bond isn’t the only one who can assume many identities. Secure your peace of mind. Complete the request for a FREE, no-obligation risk assessment.

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