There’s so much home security technology available today. What’s the right system for you?  We can help you find the perfect fit.

Factors for Finding an Alarm Monitoring System
What factors go into choosing? Here are the aspects we consider when customizing home security systems for our customers.

    1. Living Habits. Do you have pets? You’ll need a surveillance system they won’t trip while you’re out. Many motion sensors are designed for use with pets.

Kids? You might consider a video monitoring system that lets you check in on your nanny or a teen home alone. It’s also a great way to look in and see what’s happening if the alarm does get triggered while you’re away.

Do you and your significant other work many hours outside of your home? Or travel for weeks at a time? You may like to control your alarm remotely with an app.

Are you an older couple or a single mom? A video monitoring system at the entryway helps you know who’s approaching without opening the door.

    1. Risk Level. How secure is your home? Is it well lit at night? Does the landscaping make it easy for someone to break into windows or other entry areas without being seen? Do you have many valuables? Are they visible or concealed? What’s the visibility into your space? How many valuables can be seen from outside?

These questions help decide how many motion and window sensors you’ll need, among other features.

  1. Personal Preferences. Have you had experiences with home security systems in the past? What did you like or not like? What differences would you like to see in your new system?

How to Customize

Most home security Cincinnati Ohio companies like Shiver walk through your house and talk with you before recommending a combination of features. Every day, we design home security systems that fit our customers’ lifestyles, risk levels, personal tastes, comfort levels and budget. Make sure to check back next week to find out about the cost of home security systems.

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