There are so many home security companies out there. How do you pick?

Let these three P’s be your guide.

People: The True Power Behind Your Surveillance System
Finding a security system company you love means ¬ first and foremost ¬– finding a team you love. After all, a home surveillance system like a wireless smart security alarm system is only as smart as the people designing and monitoring it. Has an expert from the company you’re considering taken the time to get to know you? Has he or she walked through your home? Did they get feel for your everyday living habits?

Seeing the risk level of your house and understanding your lifestyle are both key to tailoring a home security system that’s perfect for you. With Shiver, every surveillance system is customized. Some companies, however, take a more cookie-cutter approach – or even mail you a system without looking at your home at all!

How directly can you speak with your contact for follow up? Do you have a direct line to a key contact?  Or did they give you a general service hotline that leads to a different representative each time? As a customer, you can call Shiver and talk to your point person no problem. You can even ask to speak with an owner – and they’ll probably know you by name.

What about installers? Is the company going to send their own trusted employees to work in your home? Or will it be an outsourced subcontractor they may not know too well? For your peace of mind, Shiver sends only our own employees – several of whom have worked for the Shiver family business for years and years.

Proximity: Alarm Monitoring That’s Close to Home
We recommend you consider home security companies in your area – home security Cincinnati. A local company usually means a local monitoring station. You can feel safe knowing that your alarm monitoring is happening nearby – and that the people there are up to date with current weather and other situations in your community. Police response may be better too, as a result.

On the other hand, if you go with a larger, national home monitoring company, you may be routed to the other side of the country for your emergency call!

Products: Are all Home Security Systems About the Same?
No – and here’s what you want to find out. What’s the quality of the equipment? Is it made by a reputable manufacturer? Is it the latest technology? The most current line of products? Can it be upgraded once it’s installed or will an upgrade require a whole new system? (Consider that you may have a different set of needs in five years.)

Also, is the alarm monitoring equipment proprietary? This is actually a very important question. If the equipment is proprietary, you’re stuck with that company. Switching means you’ll have to re-install a whole new home security system. On the contrary, Shiver uses only non-proprietary technology. Unhappy with us? You’re free to switch (but we’re confident you’ll be satisfied!)

Here’s another important tip: make sure to find out what isn’t included in the package they’re offering. Like how about maintenance? Shiver is one of only a few home security companies that includes alarm monitoring and ongoing maintenance in one competitive monthly fee. Did your panel go bad? A battery in a key fob fail? A door sensor get out of alignment? Shiver takes care of that, but others don’t. In fact, many home security companies charge a pretty penny for these maintenance must-dos, so make sure to ask if they’re included.

Now that you know what separates the best home security companies from the rest of the home security companies, you might like to sign up for our free risk assessment.That way, you’ll see first hand how Shiver hits all the important P’s – top people and products in close proximity to everything you want to protect.

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