security alarm systemThe average police response time for verified (audio or video) alarm police dispatches is around seven minutes, nationwide, according to Chelsea Mitchell from Secure Pacific Corp.

Home security companies should have a set of guidelines that they adhere to such as whether they have local monitoring or a third-party station, how your home will be monitored.

The faster the monitoring center response time, the sooner the police or fire department is dispatched.

So How Does the Home Security Alarm System Event and Dispatch Process Work?

  1. When your alarm is triggered, the home automation system communicates to the monitoring center.
  2. Once the monitoring center receives the alarm, the event must be matched up with your account information in the center’s software program.
  3. As soon as an operator is available, your account information and the instructions for the alarm event appear on the operator’s screen.
  4. The operator then follows the instructions – in most cases it’s a try to reach you by calling the numbers you provided – to verify the alarm is real.
  5. If the alarm is real, the operator dispatches the appropriate authorities.

Unfortunately, burglars are becoming bolder and smarter on ways to help them break in to homes and businesses faster and to get away quicker. A burglar is usually aware of the response time as they’ve usually staked out the area and perhaps even broken into some houses already. This is a prime example of why response time is key for alarm monitoring so that the police can be dispatched and respond as rapidly as possible. One should also make sure that the security system has adequate door and window sensors, and motion detectors. Customers should also consider remote system access features.

While the security company will usually respond to the alarm very quickly, the response time of authorities can vary.

There are a few things you can do to help the response time to the security alarm system:

  • Reduce false alarms. You don’t want to be the one who tends to be the boy who cried wolf. And this will help reduce the police department being swamped with calls.
  • Neighborhood watch. Be a good neighbor and make sure there is nothing out of the ordinary. Typically police will respond faster when someone has actually seen a problem.
  • Keep up-to-date. Keep your information with the alarm company up-to-date. Delete codes that are no longer being used.
  • Be proactive. Test your alarm system with your alarm company.
  • Have a contact list. Make sure there is at least one person who can respond if you cannot.

There are detailed police procedures to handle burglaries in progress. The officers must follow protocol to handle the incident in an efficient manner to reduce the likelihood of injury or death when dealing with criminals. These protocols vary from city, county or state. Read more: Cincinnati home security.

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