The price of home security systems varies greatly. Here’s a general idea to get you started – along with some valuable tips that can help you save.

The important thing to remember is that your safety is priceless, so a surveillance system is worth it. (See our 10 reasons why home security systems are a great investment.) You just want to make sure you’re paying a fair price for a great product. When you buy a surveillance system, here’s what you’re paying for.

3 Things You’re Buying with Home Security Systems
Because home security systems aren’t a simple one and done the deal like buying a refrigerator, you’ve got to understand what all is included in a price. Here are the three main things.

  1. The Surveillance System. The actual system itself may be a separate one-time parts and installation fee, or it may be included in the monthly monitoring fee. Home security systems generally include a control panel, at least one motion detector, door and window sensors and video surveillance equipment (which doesn’t usually come standard). Shiver, for example, has a competitive package for $199 that includes your control panel, sensors for up to 3 doors and one motion detector.
    Your exact price will depend on a few factors, including the size of your home and its risk level. For example, a lot of doors and windows mean more sensors.
  2. Alarm Monitoring. When your alarm goes off, a monitoring center is notified. They let the police know there’s an emergency. Your home alarm is monitored 24/7, which, has its own price – usually in the form of your monthly alarm monitoring fee.
    Here’s a tip. Make sure to ask if you’ll need a land phone line for your alarm. Many home security companies especially home security systems Cincinnati OH use systems that rely on your phone line for alarm monitoring. If you’ve been thinking about getting rid if it because you don’t use it much anymore, you may need to keep it just for your alarm! That’s another $50-100 every month you don’t need to spend. Shiver features a wireless security system that’s completely independent of your phone and internet. Because it uses cellular technology, it’s home security without landline hassle!
  3. Maintenance. Things can break, run out of batteries or need updating. This is where many home security companies make their money. Had keypad went bad? Batteries in your remote fob run out? Doors shifted over time, knocking the door sensor out of alignment? All of these problems mean maintenance charges that can really add up if they’re not included. Shiver includes all maintenance fees. A huge saver in the long run.

Getting Your Surveillance System Priced
Because there are so many price structures and packages available, make sure to ask your potential home security company what’s included in your final pricing. Shiver is one of the few home security systems that include monitoring, software updates and ongoing maintenance in one monthly fee. And it’s usually only a little more than $1 a day!

Finding out the exact price of your home surveillance system is easy and free. We’d be happy to come to your home for a free consultation, iPad presentation and estimate anytime. We’ll work with you to find the right fit for your risk level and budget. We offer many very competitive packages. Just give us a call at 800.875.7301 or click the link to schedule a free risk assessment.

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