How do you take care of your surveillance system to make sure it’s running properly? How often should you change your password? And who should have your code? Here are all the answers you need to keep your alarm monitoring system in tip top shape and your family safe.

Test Your Alarm Monitoring System
You should try to test your home security system at least once a year. Why? Sometimes the alignment on a door or window sensor can be thrown off, which stops the sensor from working correctly. Every once in a while, a piece of technology in the system just goes bad and needs to be replaced. Testing your system is pretty easy to do. Here are the steps:

  1. Call your alarm monitoring service and ask them to turn your system on to testing mode.
  2. Now it’s time to test. Arm your system and then step outside until it’s active. Return inside to trip the alarm. Now repeat this process with all your entryways and easy-to-reach windows. Last, trip your motion sensors.
  3. Disarm your system.
  4. Call your alarm monitoring service and make sure they received signals for all the sensors you tripped.

Making Updates to Home Security Systems
How often should you change your password? We think every few years should be frequently enough. More often you travel a lot or for extended periods. If you need to give your codes to a house sitter or other hired person, change it more frequently. If you let someone go or sever a relationship with someone like hired cleaning help, that’s also a good time to change your code. Remember never to make it something easy to guess, like your birthday, your pet’s name or your address.

Your alarm monitoring company usually has an emergency contact on file. This shouldn’t need much updating, but remember to let them know if a vital piece of information changes. If your emergency contact moves or changes phone numbers, notify your home security systems in Dayton Ohio company with the new information right away.

Practicing Family Protocols
Keep all your family members updated on the passcode and password. Make sure they practice using the alarm often so they’re familiar and know how to use it. A few times a year, when you practice your family’s emergency plans, make sure to include your home security system.

Make sure your kids know how to set it, turn it off, answer a call from the alarm monitoring service and how to use the emergency buttons for fire and duress situations and for fire protection. Don’t underestimate your children’s ability to use your system. Even a toddler can be taught to pull up a stool and press an emergency button!

Make sure that your emergency contact is a little bit familiar with your system, or at least has the contact information for your alarm monitoring company so they can communicate with the company in an emergency situation. Your emergency contact should be a parent, sibling, adult child, trusted neighbor or friend.

How Shiver Can Help
Unlike most home security companies, Shiver helps our customers with all their maintenance, totally free. When you’re testing your alarm, should something be off, Shiver will make it right. Even if the whole motherboard of your system needs to be replaced, we cover equipment replacement for free.

Need to update any information? Just give us a call! We can update anything any time, including your passcode or password. We’re also happy to send a representative for a refresher on how to use your system or help you train your family or emergency contact.

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