The garage is usually forgotten when most people think about home security. This is a problem since the garage is probably the greatest vulnerability in home security. Items stored in the garage such as cars, lawnmowers, power tools, etc. are appealing to criminals and once they make it into the garage, it is easier for them to access the rest of the house.

Home Security Systems Ohio Tips For Securing Your Garage

Fortunately, you can takes some measures to protect yourself. Use the following tips to secure your garage and home at large.

Home Security Systems Ohio1. Home Security Systems Ohio Installation.

Your best line of defense is a security system in your garage that’s connected to the home security system. If anyone attempts to enter the garage when the system is set, the alarm will sound and emergency services will be dispatched.

For the security system installation you will need to choose a good security provider such as Shiver Security. Shiver Security serves Cincinnati/ Dayton Ohio. Never try to install a security system by yourself since you may experience disastrous results.

2. Upgrading To Motion Detector Lights

Upgrade the existing light fixtures both in and around your garage to motion sensor lights. Motion sensors are infrared waves that detect moving objects and body temperature. Warm objects such as people, cars, and animals are detected by motion sensor lights. Find a good installer for home security systems such as Shiver Security to come upgrade the light fixtures in and around your garage.

3. Securing Your Garage Door

The door leading from the garage to your home should be just as secure as all the other external doors around the home. You want to stop potential intruders from advancing further into your home if they do manage to come into the garage. Ensure that your garage door locks securely including a deadbolt, having padlocks with a programmed entry code, or having multiple locks. The door also needs to be made of sturdy material such as metal, solid wood core, and fiberglass.

4. Avoid Leaving The Garage remote In Your Car

Avoid providing burglars with easy access to your garage by taking your garage remote with you. Never leave the garage remote in the car even when you have parked it in the garage.

5. Using Timers

Leaving home in a hurry, children forgetting to push the button, or neglecting to put the garage door for the night happens to all of us. However, if your garage remains open, it is an open invitation for anybody to come in. Avoid relying on memory to ensure that your garage door is closed but rather use a timer that signals the garage door opener to close the door after a set period. You can easily set your preferred period. Contact a good home security system installation company to come install the timer.


The garage can be a potential security vulnerability but it need not be so if you follow the 5 tips discussed in this article. For all your home security system installations, you should always use a professional company such as Shiver Security.

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