You may wonder if you really need a home security system. Did you think of these ten factors? We can help you decide if alarm monitoring is a must-have for your home.

1. You’ve got things you can’t replace.
Family heirlooms, irreplaceable mementos and most importantly – loved ones. In the end, stuff doesn’t matter. But your family’s safety? Non-negotiable!

2. Daily routines can make you a target.
Do you leave each morning like clockwork? Return about the same time hours later? Someone watching may know exactly when you arrive home with your kids or when take Fido for his nightly stroll. If both you and your significant other are away most days, installing a home alarm monitoring may be a great proactive measure.

3. Bad guys might not even try.
That sticker on your window that lets everyone know you have a surveillance system may be all it takes to deter a burglar.

4. Are you an “I’ll be right back-er”?
Sometimes it’s a pain to lock up and carry keys, like when you’re out jogging, taking a walk with your family or running over to the neighbor’s for an egg (which turns into coffee and chat time). If you’re out and about a lot, yet nearby, setting your surveillance system lets you secure the door without necessarily locking up.

5. Did you choose a home with great privacy?
Wooded backyards, lost of land, quiet side streets (perhaps without much street lighting). All these fantastic privacy features make your home an easier target. A home security Dayton Ohio is your neighborhood watch, 9-1-1 and family emergency plan all rolled into one.

6. Do you love windows? Burglars do too!
A lot of windows mean a lot of visibility into your space. Your smart TV, electronics and other valuables may be on display. Not to mention that each window is a potential entry point. (Remember that ground floor window that just won’t seem to latch?) With window sensors, you know instantly when a window’s been opened.

7. It’s not just who’s getting in, it’s who’s getting out.
Did you know that you can set home security systems so the doors chime as they open? This feature can help you keep track of who’s coming and going from your home. Have a toddler on the run? A teen on the sly? Or an elderly parent who can get confused? Not so fast!

8. They make you all-seeing.
Have a kid prone to house parties? How about a dog who has a taste for couch cushions? With home security cameras, you’ve got an eye on everything – and everyone – at all times. Pretty cool stuff.

9. You can never be too prepared for emergencies.
Not only is a home security system a great tool for break-ins, it’s also a lifesaver for fires or other emergencies. And while it may be hard for a small child to dial 9-1-1, it’s easy to teach them to press the “panic” button on the alarm panel (even if they have to pull up a chair to reach). Police will arrive in minutes.

10. Home is where your safety is.
A home intrusion, no matter how small, can rob you of your sense of safety in your own personal space. And isn’t it the place you’re supposed to love the most? Once you’ve lost the feeling of being secure in your own home, it’s very hard to get back again. Many people install home security systems after a break in. Instead, consider eliminating the chance for a break in from the very beginning.

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