burglar alarm systemKeep Burglars From Breaking into your Home with Burglar Alarm System

American homes are victims of burglary about every 15 seconds.

The typical homeowner suffers a loss of about $2,000 in stolen goods or property damage, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

When thinking of ways to keep burglars from breaking into your home, there are a few things to keep in mind.  When thieves break into homes, most will do so during the day when many people are at work.

  1. Lock Your Doors and Windows. This seems obvious but experts say 23% of break-ins occur through first-floor windows. Don’t forget to secure side doors, patio doors and garage doors as well.
  2. Landscaping.Thorny bushes under windows make a thief think twice. Keep bushes and hedges trimmed so you aren’t giving thieves a place to hide.
  3. Hide valuables. Can your big flat screen TV and gaming system be seen from the street? Use privacy curtains so people can’t see in while you’re at work.
  4. Don’t advertise. If you’re going away for a vacation or business trip don’t post it on social media and don’t record a voice mail message that you’re out of town. If you’re going to be away, get a timer that will automatically turn on lights when it gets dark. Put a temporary hold on your mail and newspaper delivery. And don’t’ leave a spare key under a flower pot – leave it with a
  5. Backup. Make sure you back up your computers and laptops in the event these items are stolen.  Keep your portable hard drive in a hidden place. Keep pictures or video of your valuables.  Have the model numbers and serial numbers on file – your insurance company will want this information if it’s stolen.  Having a safe in your home is a wise investment – make sure to anchor to the floor or permanent shelving.
  6. Park it. Ask a neighbor to occasionally park their car in your driveway, making it look like you’re entertaining visitors.
  7. Never Post-It Note. Don’t post your passcode next to or on the home security alarm keypad.

Burglar Alarm System best defense  for making your home less of a target of Burglars

If a burglar wants in, he will get in. The best defense combines techniques for making your home less of a target and making break-ins a lot more difficult for amateurs.  But sometimes the simple things are the best.
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