In our last post, we took a stroll down memory lane to give you a little taste of the history behind the home security systems that protects you and your family. Now we’re going to fill you in on what’s been happening since Shiver started in the surveillance system business.

Home Security Systems from the Seventies On

When Shiver started, we installed mostly commercial surveillance systems. But soon, many families wanted home security systems in their homes. To fill this need we began installing Sonitrol systems. Later, as demand increased we added Honeywell equipment to our offerings.

Through the years, Shiver has seen many changes in surveillance system technology.  When we first started in business, there were still tape dialers. It’s one of the earlier alarm monitoring technologies that required its own dedicated phone line. Once an alarm was triggered, the dialer would use the phone line to call the local police and play a loop recording that alerted them to an emergency at the location of the home. Unfortunately, it caused many, many false alarms and has since become outlawed by ordinance in most cities!

A digital communicator replaced the tape dialer. These were all-electric dialers that could use your main home phone line for alarm monitoring. That made things easier and kept down cost for customer. This digitally recorded device could send signals for different kinds of emergencies, like fire, intrusion, medical alert and more.

A few years ago, cellular communication became available. For customers, that meant that we no longer needed to run lines throughout home to install – it’s wireless! Also, if an intruder cuts the phone line, the alarm can still signal to the alarm monitoring station, no problem. While many home security Dayton companies still install old technology, Shiver only installs wireless home security now.

Shiver Today

Chip Shiver and our whole team are dedicated to improving surveillance system technology every chance we get. That’s because our goal is to provide the most intelligent, effective, home security systems possible.

Today, our products include audio intrusion detection systems, access control systems, CCTV video monitoring systems, fire detection alarm system and more. Our services include sales and design, installation, local monitoring and technical services.

Shiver is proud to serve over 6,000 customers in Northern Kentucky and South Western Ohio. Many of our customers have been with us for over 30 years.

Shiver Will Stay Local

While a trend among many of the large security companies is to downsize by eliminating their local monitoring stations and regionalizing, Shiver believes that local monitoring of home security systems is the right way. It provides our customers with the peace of mind that their families and property are more effectively protected.

Since we’ve doubled our customer base in the last twenty years, we’ve expanded our monitoring station to four times its original size. That means our customers benefit from the highest quality, 24/7 UL approved alarm monitoring station in the area. And we know it helps everyone sleep more soundly – and safely – each night.

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