A common question among small business owners concerns the most effective way to secure their building. What systems should they utilize to best protect the building without being cost restrictive? There are five known and proven safety precautions that all small business owners should consider to protect their company assets.



Home security cameras are the most obvious way about protecting your business. With today’s technology, you can have the camera record to offsite servers for later viewing should a problem arise, have it monitored by an outside agency, and even watch the streaming video on your personal electronic devices. Whichever option suits your preference, surveillance can give you the means to find catch and prosecute any security risk to your business.

Fire Prevention Services

Fire is potentially the most devastating threat a company can face. Insurance may cover the tangible damage of a fire, but provides little in the way of mitigating the loss of time involved and other important company business lost during building reconstruction and the restocking of inventory. A good fire prevention system is custom designed for the building and sends an alarm when activated, using sprinklers to control the fire until help arrives. Ensuring the damage done to your building is as controlled as possible.

Automatic Security Systems

Intrusion protection systems are simple to use and effective at preventing crime. You can turn the system on and off manually as your enter or leave your business, or, if you work the exact same hours, program it to automatically turn on and off at the set times. In the unfortunate situation of a break in after hours, the alarm notifies police that a crime is in progress and notifies the criminal that police are en route.

Leases for Security Equipment

Security equipment is available to lease which can in some situations, be the best way to protect your company. One of the arguments for leasing equipment is that you can upgrade annually as technology improves without having to invest in an upgraded system every five to ten years to make sure your company is protected with the latest improvements.

Monitoring Equipment and Systems

No matter how active you are in protecting your business, nobody can monitor their assets 24 hours per day. It’s important to hire a reputable company with well trained employees who can maintain a vigilant watch over the security of your building and inventory.

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