Maybe you’ve had your surveillance system for several years. You may be wondering when you need an upgrade. Computers need updates, right? But then is a surveillance system more like a garage door—-you only need to fix it if it breaks?
Here are three reasons you may want to consider an update or upgrade to your surveillance system.

  1. Your Family Grows
    If you’ve recently become parents, or even grandparents, you may really the idea of a home security cameras system. They’ve become affordable now and they’re great for watching your nanny while you’re gone or watching baby while they’re in bed.
    The same goes for new puppies or even elderly parents who have moved in. A video monitoring system helps you keep an eye when you’re not home. It’s convenient to see what’s going on right from your phone.
  2. You’re Ready to Ditch a Landline
    Never use your home phone anymore? Are you keeping it just for alarm monitoring service? By upgrading your surveillance system, you can switch to wireless home security that uses cellular technology. It’s completely independent of a phone line. It’s easier and more reliable. And no landline needed! Learn more about the benefits of wireless home security.
  3. Your Lifestyle Changes
    Working later at night? Travelling more for work or pleasure? You may want to add some features to your home security Dayton Ohio that let you control aspects of your home remotely. Turn on lights while you’re away, lock and unlock doors for pet sitters, babysitters or hour sitters and more.
    Maybe you’re getting older and you’re beginning to feel a little more vulnerable while you’re at home. Consider adding a security camera system so you can see who’s at the door before you answer.

If you’d like to explore the option of upgrading your home surveillance system, give us a call. We want to learn more about what you’d like to see change. We’re even happy to walk through your home, make suggestions and give you a free customized estimate. Even if we’re not the company that originally installed your alarm, chances are we can make an upgrade no problem – and cost effectively.

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