If you’re thinking about changing to a digital phone service from your landline here’s a few things you should keep in mind before making the transition.


VoIP Systems:


    • With a self-installed VoIP System (like AT&T, Time Warner, Direct TV, and Cincinnati Bell), your security system may lose its connection to the telephone service. This makes your system unable to send alarm signals to your security system provider.
    • With Digital Phone Service (usually offered by your cable television provider), your system may not be able to consistently and reliably send alarm signals to your security system provider.
    • VoIP and Digital Phone Service may cause your alarm system to get scrambled signals when they are sent to your security system provider.
    • In addition to your security system’s back-up equipment, VoIP and Digital Phone Service may need additional battery back-up equipment to maintain communication with your security system provider in the event of a power outage.

    We encourage you to check with Shiver Security by calling us at 877.577.5591 before you make any changes to your existing phone service. If you have already switched phone service providers, please contact us now to arrange a service call and properly test your equipment.

    There are new security communication solutions available that use digital wireless transmission or the Internet to reliably communicate with the with your security system provider.


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